This BBQ sauce line was developed by a BBQ enthusiast.  This all natural product line includes a Blueberry Sauce that is unique, along with the Original and Spicy.  Winner of the West Virginia State Fair Recipe Challenge.   These sauces are a must-try!  New to the Bluegrass family are their dry rubs!

A Virginia’s Finest Product Line.  “Old Fashioned Goodness Made Simple”.  Byrd Mill offers a full line of specialty baking mixes.  Product line includes dessert mixes, scone mixes, cookie mixes, pancake mixes, assorted bread mixes (people come from miles around for Byrd Mill’s infamous spoon bread), breaders, cornmeal, and peanut flour.  Stay tuned for their new additions – gluten-free and assorted breaders. 

DOC’S TEA – (WWW.DOCSTEA.COM) Distributor only. 
Premium micro-brewed ready-to-drink teas.  Doc’s Tea is made with your health in mind, is naturally caffeine-free and low in sugar.  The teas are certified organic, certified gluten-free, certified Kosher, and non-GMO.   Only 10 calories, and 2 carbohydrates per bottle.  Brewed in small batches and bottled under the highest standards of achievement.  In addition to a refreshing and great tasting tea, the packaging is premium. 

Introducing Little Doc’s, inspired by the little people in the Doc’s Tea Family.  An alternative to the typical juice box; we worked long and hard designing the perfect, kid friendly, good-for-you tea.  Naturally caffeine-free, certified organic, certified Kosher, non-GMO.  Kid tested and parent approved!

A Virginia’s Finest product line.  A healthy drink that actually tastes good!  Element Shrub & Club is an all natural, slightly tart, incredibly refreshing, sparkling, non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink apple cider vinegar “soda” made with real, simple ingredients.  Unique flavor combinations.  Winner of 2018 Sofi Award.  Element Shrub also comes in concentrate that combines organic apple cider vinegar, fresh fruit and organic herbs and spices to make unique sweet and savory flavor combinations that are great for spirit-free drinks, craft cocktails, and creative cooking recipes.  Great packaging!

Truly gourmet popcorn!  Lammar Marie's is a veteran-owned product line popped and made in small batches.  Savory and sweet varieties available…some of the best flavor profiles imaginable.    Great packaging!  Available in bags and boxes…all designed for the perfect gift. 

A Virginia’s Finest product line.  This is a product line you have to taste to believe!  If you have ever tried freeze-dried and/or dehydrated fruits and vegetables thinking that they would make a great snack…only to discover that they taste like sawdust…you have not tried Mother Earth products!  These products are addictive!  All natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and dairy and lactose-free.  All fruits and vegetables are additive and preservative free as nature intended.  Great packaging…resealable Mylar bags and plastic containers.  Wholesome, long-lasting, versatile, and affordable. 

Palmetto Farms has a passion for old-fashioned.  All natural Stone Ground White, Yellow, and Mixed Grits that you must taste to believe!  Also all natural Skillet Cornbread & Muffin Mix, Hush Puppy Mix, Cornmeal Pancake Mix, Brown Aromatic Rice, and White Aromatic Rice.    The cloth packaging gives you a down-home country feel.    And don’t forget to try the Cheddar Cheese Grits, Garlic Cheese Grits, and Jalapeno Cheese Grits….you will not be disappointed! 

Real food is BEAUTIFUL!  Pearl and Johnny takes the art of snacking smart to a whole new level.  Generations of country living has taught them that nature does not need our help.  They have gathered only pure real-food ingredients to create wholesome, delicious dips (mixes are gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO), and pickled veggies in minutes.  This brand new line features dips & spread mixes, as well as 10-minute pickle kits for your favorite veggies.   The best part is they are all homemade by you!  Packaging is premier!

A Virginia’s Finest product line.  For the love of peanut butter!  Reginald’s is crafted using only the finest natural ingredients – and very few of them.  To create their signature peanut butter, they started with quality Virginia peanuts, roasted to perfection, and then added a touch of oil…that’s it!  Then they took it the peanut butter to a whole new level – flavors!  Bourbon Pecan, Apple Sin, Nana Honey, Hazelnut Amaretto, and Double Chocolate…just to name a few.  You have to taste to believe!  Great packaging!

ROUTE 11 – (
A Virginia’s Finest product line.  Truly delicious handmade specialty kettle chips in a variety of flavors including Lightly Salted, Sweet Potato, Dill Pickle, Sour Cream & Chive, Chesapeake Crab, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, and Mama Zuma’s Habanera.  Route 11 is the original Sweet Potato Chip maker.  Comes in large and small bags.  Most varieties are all natural and now gluten-free.

SMT  - (
WWW.SIMPSONBRANDS.COM) (available through distributors only)
A variety of plum tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes are considered by many chefs to be the best tomatoes in the world for sauces.  Unlike other brands of San Marzano tomatoes, these are grown right here in the USA.  The line includes Whole, Diced, and Crushed Tomatoes, Pasta Sauces, and Concentrated Tomato Paste.  Recommended by The Nibble Magazine.

A Virginia’s Finest product line.   Savannah Grace Cheese Straws are an addicting entertaining snack full of sharp cheddar cheese and baked to crisp perfection. The key is lots of sharp cheddar together with other quality ingredients and baked slowly till crisp, ultimately yielding a hard to put down snack with a great shelf life of seven months when sealed in its attractive packaging.  Available in Traditional, Hot & Spicy, Rosemary, Taste of the Bay, and Smokey Bacon.  Try their shortbread cookies too!

Eat the Heat…Savor the Flavor!  The Spicy Shark uses ingredients selected from and product made in the USA.  Handcrafted condiments…do not contain artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.  Products are fiercely unique, bold, and vibrant, yet flavorful and balanced.  Line includes a variety of Hot Sauces, Hot Honey, Sriracha, Wing Sauce, and Hot Blueberry and Maple Syrups. Award-winning packaging!  

A Virginia’s Finest product lineTrue Honey Teas makes high-quality teas bagged together with delicious honey.  Each tea bag has just the right amount of dried honey granules.  Just toss a bag in a mug, add hot water, and a perfectly honey-sweetened cup of tea is ready to go!  Flavors for all seasons.  Comes in several packaging options, but the Bee Box is absolutely adorable!

A Virginia’s Finest product line.  Home-cooked Virginia peanuts!  This delicious line of peanut products are processed with time-honored recipes resulting in outstanding taste and quality.  Fresh…Crunchy…Flavorful…are words used to describe Whitley’s.  This family-owned peanut company produces gourmet Virginia peanuts, candies, and other snacks…all backed with a satisfaction guarantee.  Gluten-free…all natural…no preservatives.  Unique and Distinctive packaging. 

The original cheeseball mix company makes some of the best flavor profiles imaginable - savory, fruity sweet, and sweet dessert cheeseball mixes.  The product list has grown to overflowing!  W&W now makes cold dip mixes, hot dip mixes, soup mixes, soup for one, cider mixes, and the newest additions to the W&W family – roasted Pecan mixes!  You cannot go wrong with these products.  Very versatile.  Great for gift baskets, teacher’s gifts, and hostess gifts.  Great last-minute dishes.   Premier packaging!

From Farm to Table!  Shallowford Farms is a family owned and operated agribusiness located in Yadkin County, NC.  Their Cheese Popcorn is only for those serious Cheese Popcorn fanatics.  You will find your favorites at Yadkin Valley Popcorn…true Movie Popcorn, buttery Butter Popcorn, cheesy Cheese Popcorn, and the best Kettle Popcorn you will ever taste.  Truly popcorn you will get hooked on!  

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